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Aiming to stay “Number One Supporting Company for Brokers”, we have the package that exceeds your expectations.  It is our challenge to give you the least-burden for your requests, boosting your chances to win any flight inquiry through:

  • Credit facility for contracted brokers (Business to Business)
  • Credit insurance for approved end-users
  • Accepting end users credit card payments on your behalf
  • Benefiting from our committed hours contracts with various operators
  • Benefiting from attractive rates on the fleet promoted exclusively by Executive Sky

Adhoc Charter

For occasional flight demands, Executive Sky offers you the impeccable market deals. Whether for regional or extended routes, an immaculate service and logistical support are delivered.

Executive Sky charters only top rated aircrafts to guarantee safety, comfort and confidentiality at all times.


Bulk Hours Programs

Tailored programs are designed to meet different aviation requirements. Either to regional or extended routes, long stay or quick return flights, short or long duration, or whether commitments are for high or low number of hours, members will get privileges of aircraft owners. 

Holders of these programs will benefit from guaranteed availability, pre-set rates, waiving ferry cost, priority of using our empty legs, and much more…

Fractional Ownership Programs

With a very small initial capital and interest free monthly instalments, our program allows interested parties to become fractional owners of a Challenger, Falcon, Gulfstream, and others.

Our management for this program is not only limited to executing the shareholders flights at reduced cost, but it also extends to guarantee revenues generated from third parties charter business.

Aircraft Owners Program

Executive Sky has designed a practical solution for Aircraft Owners to maximize the benefits of their assets and to reduce the operational burden and some of the financial liabilities.

Members of this program will continue to control their aircrafts and have access on a larger fleet.

Aircraft Acquisition

Executive Sky professional advisory team continuously expands its relations with experts specialised in pre-buy inspections, aircraft evaluation, maintenance, and refurbishment when required.

Legal and financing coordination falls in our scope of work for such transactions. With regional and international solid connections, our team promises the delivery of the most accurate information needed to make the right decision for both current and prospected owners.

Extended Services

Medical Evacuation / Ambulance Flights

We cherish the gift of life! Chartering helicopters and air ambulances to provide you with safe, caring, and timely medical transports.

Helicopter Charting

Adequate for your quick trio to/from the airport or for your acute business or leisure destinations.


Enjoy a memorable experience with scenic “air city tours.”

Sky Advertising

A new flying advertising tool is now available to promote your trade mark in the sky.

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