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The Reasons People Choose To Travel Via Private Jets

The reasons people choose to travel via private jets

There are many reasons people opt to use private jets. The main general reasons that we often hear most are detailed in this article. The first and probably the most common reason we hear is – to save time. This is one of the most significant reasons for using private aircraft. Depending on your schedule you can have an aircraft ready in just a few hours. You can arrive at the airport just minutes before your departure time and fly directly to your destination, without any layovers and you can utilize smaller airports which many commercial airlines do not necessarily fly to, meaning you can land much closer to your final destination. Flying onboard a private jet enables you to make productive use of your time, avoid overnight stays and the costs associated with such, as well as waiting in lines at the airport. All of this can provide notable savings in both production time and money. Productivity – the time savings above provide significantly more productive time, both onboard and before and after your flight. You and your staff can maximize your travel time by holding business meetings during the flight, working with customers, suppliers or partners. In addition to being able to take lunch onboard instead of time spent in a restaurant for example. This also extends to family time, by reducing travel time and having to spend fewer nights away from home.

Secondly, convenience is another reason many people worldwide choose to travel through a private jet charter. There are more than 5,000 airports in the US that private planes can use, compared to the 500 airports for larger commercial aircraft. This means that you can often land closer to your final destination. During the summer season in 2006, the ban on liquids caused all sorts of inconveniences for people flying commercially, but private flyers avoided all of this commotion. Private planes also mean that you can travel with your important or special belongings such as instruments, sports equipment, product samples or even bringing your beloved pet in the cabin.

Flexibility is a huge convenience that comes with traveling privately. Travelers of the business aviation sector can arrange a flight at a couple of hours’ notice and can wait for you if you’re running late. There is also the possibility of changing flight plans mid-flight if necessary.

The quality of service is what most people who do not travel privately, would assume is the main reason people decide to travel by private aircraft. Private planes offer luxury furnishings, an abundance of space, individualized attention and most of the time any food or drinks you request ahead of time will be provided to you. Many people require discretion when traveling or perhaps they are just private people in general and traveling onboard a private jet offers much more privacy than traveling commercially. You can hold important or confidential meetings without being overheard or interrupted by other passengers and your overall travel will be far less visible when you’re on a private plane, so helping to preserve the secrecy around negotiations or important business deals.

The reduction of stress comes hand in hand when traveling privately because you are able to completely avoid waiting in tiresome lines, the potential of lost luggage, transfers and concerns regarding delays or security issues.


Lastly and again another preconceived idea as to why people travel privately is the image. A private jet projects a well-run, efficient and successful individual or organization, which values their time and can afford private air travel.




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