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Business Aviation Vs. Private Jet Travel

Business aviation vs. Private Jet travel

Generally referred to as ‘businessaviation’ inside the industry. Many customers and people outside of theaviation industry talk about ‘private jet’ travel, as opposed to the terms usuallyused by aviation professionals. There arealternative terms that are also used in addition to the primary ones, forexample corporate aviation; private flights; jets general aviation etc.

To add even more confusion to the matter, there is also the sub-categories of private ownership, fractional ownership, seat sharing/shuttles and charter.

Of late there has been more and more conversations regarding this – how should the private aviation industry describe themselves. You may wonder if it really matters, what’s so important about a name anyway.

However unclear terminology doesn’t really help one of the industry’s primary marketing challenges, which is a lack of understanding about what is offered, and how exactly it’s offered.

Numerous people say that “business aviation” is a term that is easily confused with business travel in general, which includes commercial airline flights. It can also imply that the majority of private jet customers are flying for business reasons, when in some continents that is not usually the case.

Business aviation as a term was widely electedand used to underline the value of private aviation as an efficiency tool, and to avoid using the term ‘private jet’ – with its general associations of luxury air travel that many companies in the industry have tried to steer clear from.

During the last few years of cuts and restrictions economically, that has been completely understandable. And it has been rather helpful too, to balance out the misconception that all ‘private jet’ users are all billionaires or people with power.

The term ‘private jet’ is often affiliated with a fancy, champagne drinking and expensive lifestyle. But now is a new age of growth. Europe has seen record-breaking times, when flight demand finally exceeded pre-recession levels. And the industry is challenged with how toaccelerate this going forward.

Business or leisure

While everyone in the industry that business or corporate demand is extremely important to the industry. Should the scale of leisure flights be hidden? Both business and leisure travelers are extremely important to accelerate. The standard leisure customer of today is not just the high net worth individual stereotype that people generally assume.

Many families are also willing to spend a bit more than airline prices to avoid the hassle of commercial airports. And to celebrate special occasions, such as a birthday or even traveling to a remote destination, which is not served by airlines. And the distance between business and leisure use has changed considerably too. Business owners and entrepreneursmight increasingly choose to combine a business trip with a family holiday.

The term business aviation will most likely stay around for a while but, there is a need for the industry to clarify what we offer and to become clearer about it; in order for people to understand exactly what by airlines offer.

Many people assume that flying privately in anunattainable luxury that does not warrant the expense, however with today’s offers, which include tools, to easily and efficiently search for empty leg flights, private jet membership clubs etc. traveling onboard a private jet has become available to more people worldwide.

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